Is CBSE Board Exams will held

Let me ask you a question ,”How many of you are there who are having doubt whether Class 10-12 board exams will be conducted or not ?“.

There are many people who have  a theory that may be due to COVID -19 board exams will be postponed and students would be promoted .

But, there are many others theories too which says it is possible that boards exams will be conduct next year of session 2020-2021.

So, lets estimate it and come to a conclusion .


Starting with the question-“It is possible that  Board Exams will not be conduct ?”

The answer of this question is   “NO”  .   Because of the relevant theories:-

  1. Other students of Class  1-9 ,11 have been promoted . So this lead us to a conclusion that there is now way that  this year session would repeat next year .
  2. The college students are also been  promoted except final year students .

That means it can’t be possible that exams will not be conducted because Class 12 and Final year are always considered as career determining steps .

Other question arises -“What is maximum possibility for Board exams ?”


Before going to give this question’s  answer lets check the stats of present condition of COVID -19.

AT Present :-According to 7 July 2020 stats

Patients suffering from it:-6,97,413

Recovered patients :-4,24,433

Death patients:-19,693

  • From above we can say that about 65% infected people are recovered from this Virus and
  • many of the red zones are now declared as yellow zone because of the  fabulous hard work of Government ,Doctors and Researchers who giving their all for saving every single person’s  life.
  • However if we talk about the death of infected people it is 2 -3% among the infected people and
  • still there is one more reason to worry that still there is no antidote for this virus.

And if we talk about the report of last two months :-

  • In May and June the number of infected people reach from 3 lakh to  5.66 lakh.
  • The recovery rate also reached from 40 to 50%.
  • The death rate however was 1-3%.

At that time many of the exams were postponed due to this scenario .

corona virus

But as you all can see the recovery rate of our country is increasing with good rate so it prove to form  high possibilities of board exams of Class 10 -12 students  to be conducted .

But there is one more fact is present which we cannot deny that this year students were not able to attend their academic classes properly  due which the following possibilities could be occur :-

  • May be the board exams are gonna conducted late than the original scheduled time.
  • There is high possibility of reduce in syllabus –which actually have occur
  • The exam pattern of CBSE could become more easier than previous years.

So , friends this is the total estimation done by me which conclude one thing for sure that Board exams are gonna held or conduct .

So friends in my prescription you all should start completing your syllabus.

Not only the selected one but complete because may be  today it just for exam but later it will be for your career so  friends do not leave any topic .

Do your best ,aim for your goal with enthusiasm  and be ready for every situation for your exams.

All the best to everyone!!

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