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Hello Friends !! In this post I am gonna tell you about all the Chapters which includes in History from Class 6 to 8:-


Chapters  includes in History From Class 6-8:-

Class 6:-Our Pasts


  • What,Where,How and When?- THEORY   OR      MAP
  • On the trail of the earliest people.
  • In the earliest Cities.
  • What Books and Burials tell us.
  • Kingdom,Kings and an Early Republic
  • New Questions and Ideas.
  • Ashoka ;The emperor who gave up war.
  • Vital Villages,Thriving Towns.
  • Traders,Kings and Pilgrims.
  • New Empires and Kingdoms.
  • Buildings,Paintings and Books.


In this class the history portion includes the study related the ancient past regarding the kings,queens  and about their conquests and policies . Also it includes the study of hunters and peasants ,crafts people and traders, their tools ,arts ,painting , religions , beliefs , about their civilization , their town , villages developments etc. We will also learn here about the evidence historians found and on the basis of which the assume such past of the people.


Class 7:- Our Pasts 2

  • Tracing changes through a thousand years.
  • New kings and kingdoms .
  • The Delhi sultans.
  • The Mughal Empire.
  • Rulers and Buildings .
  • Town, traders and craftspersons .
  • Tribes; Nomads and settled communities.
  • Devotional Paths to the divine .
  • The making of the regional cultures.
  • Eighteenth-Century Political Formations


In this class history , we will study about further advancement  of previous class 6  history chapters i.e, the Kings  and the Queens but in this class specifically for The Delhi  Sultanate , The Mughal Empire . their is also present the detail study of  craft person ,Tribes ,Nomads and other communities. Also it contain the study of devotional paths to the divine and brief study of  it.


Class 8 :- Our Pasts 3 ( Part -1)

  • How ,When and Where?
  • Form Trade to territory.
  • Ruling the countryside.
  • Tribals; Dikus and the Vision of a golden age .
  • When people rebel.
  • Colonialism and the city.

In this class in history we will study about the trades done the traders during 18th and 19th century and a brief study about the past trading ways too. We will also learn how trade convert into forming territory . Also the study of ruling ,tribals ,Dikus  and when rebel start among us . Then how colonialism starts and we lost our freedom


Class 8:- Our Pasts 3 (Part-2)

  • Weavers ; Iron smelters and factory owners.
  • Civilization the ‘Native’ ; Educating the Nation.
  • Women; caste and reform.
  • The Changing world of visual arts.
  • The marketing of the national movement : 1870 -1947
  • India after Independence.


In this second part of same class of history book we will study about the formation of factories and more development of civilization under colonial period . Also about the reformation of society regarding caste and beliefs and about the changes in visual arts .

Indian Flag :-Pride of our Nation

The best part of this part of class  is this we will here study in the detail about the revolt against the colonial period, National moments 1870-1947 and will also discuss about the India after Independence.


Note :-As soon as my blogs regarding these chapters will be  completed i will provide their source over there names so make sure to recheck it so that you could use the resources.

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