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Hello There!!

My name is Birendra Singh Rautela, I am a student by profession, currently persuing  B.Sc., I live in Pithoragarh district (also famous by the name of Mini –Kashmir ), state:-Uttarakhand.  

My website www.stunerd.com is the collection of tips, tricks and necessary knowledge about the intermediate classes, high school ,B.Sc. ,competitive exams and latest information related Education and Current affair  which I want to provide you all in an attractive way and it is an educational and learning platform for the world .


The formation of stunerd become possible by the aid of an organization named as  CIPL(Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd) . CIPL provided me the best platform to broom my knowledge and talent .Now ,I am working  on my skills and knowledge to upgrade myself to my next  level. I know for me there is a long way to go but for my million miles journey www.stunerd.com is one of the positive steps I took for moving forward in my journey .


 -:  Motto   :-        

Knowledge = Confidence

Good confidence builds good personality

During  this  hazardous crises of pandemic , there is a huge degradation in every sector including education sector too . Through stunerd I want  to guide students (who are the future of  this Nation ) for their studies and also for their future by providing them knowledge in simplest and easiest way.