Timetable of class 10 students in LOCKDOWN

Hello friends !!   Today Stunerd is going to provide you the better analytic Time Table for your studies.

Problem 10TH students are facing in the lockdown :-

As you all know about half year had been passed and many of the board students are still there who haven’t started their study yet.

The reasons are obvious :-

1. Complete shutdown of education system due to his pandemic.

A timetable must be needed in this condition
A timetable must be needed in this condition

2. Because of not having a proper timetable and,
3. Irregularity of the students due to lockdown.

A lot of stress could emerge if we are not prepared and exams outbreak
A lot of stress could emerge if we are not prepared and exams outbreak

But,still as many students know that their papers are gonna held sooner or later as is is just a matter of time for them. But let me ask you one question “If government announce the early examination of board of class 10TH, then will you all students who are not even having regular studies would be able to score above 90%?”.

I guess it is not impossible but may be it would become most difficult based on the present condition .

So, you all have to prepare yourself from today.
It is true that I cant’t stop this pandemic or the present condition of education system ,but friends I may guide or help you to form your better timetable , so that you could be regular in your studies and get prepared.

What timetable you should follow in the lockdown?

Friends here i have came up with a good schedule by which use can utilize the advantage of this lockdown :-

NOTE:- According to me waking early gives a huge advantage due to which I have made timetable from 4 AM.

And the respective timetable goes like this:-

4 AM :-

Get up and finish your daily chores. Do some light exercises because it boasts focus.

5 AM :-

Start studying your weak subject at the morning.As according to the researchers at the morning time our concentration is sharpest.
Minimum Time :- 2 Hrs.

7 AM :-

Take break and for 10-15 minute revise in your mind what you studied before.

7:30 AM :-

Now, start studying your scoring subject i,e. Mathematics or Science.
Minimum Time :- 1:30 Hrs.

9 AM :-

Take rest have your breakfast. Make sure you take healthy breakfast and light one because you should remember due to the lockdown you are not able to burn your calories due to which it can make you unfit or unhealthy which could be really bad.

9:45 AM :-

Now just revise both subject which you have studied till now. Remember “revision is the key to remember your hard work “.

10 AM :-

After studying two tough and scoring subjects now give time to the theory subject social science.Read it in detail.
Minimum Time :- 2 Hrs.

12 PM :-

Take break or lunch break ,have your lunch and maintain a good diet.

12:30 PM :

Now just revise the subject which you have studied before and rest.

1 PM :-

Now, after taking enough rest your mind would be ready and calm enough so start solving Physics numerical.
Minimum Time :- 2 Hrs.

3 PM :-

Take rest of half an hour it will make you feel relax after solving Physics complex numerical.

3:30 PM :-

Now, start studying Physics (Theory). After solving numerical it will give a practical boast of understanding the concept.
Minimum Time :- 1:30 Hrs.

NOTE :-Above two schedule can be replace based on your understanding as there are many who thinks after theory numerical solving is best for understanding the concept.

5 PM -7 PM :-

Give yourself a good rest. Its up to you how you relax yourself either by playing outdoor games or indoor games like PUBG, FREEFIRE etc.As it also refreshes mind after a long period of study .

After such tight schedule a good amount of rest needed
picture of pubg and freefire games.

7 PM :-

Now, recall your all daily subjects you had studied till now.

Now after going through  such a tight timetable for  study you should cross check yourself whether you have studied sufficient or not. That’s why whatever you have studied in the present day try to solve its test papers by downloading it based on topics( you can easily find these things in CBSE or other educational website.)

At last have your dinner .

Before going to bed try to study English literature it could be best sleeping stories and help to have a good sleep.

Time table for class 10 students in lockdown

Now, friends this is the respective timetable for class 10TH student in the lockdown period.Its true that you all can’t follow this timetable right away maybe you should do some changes based on your home chores schedule but make sure you give your studies same amount of time as per given in the timetable above.
Remember if you really follow this timetable regularly and seriously then it can really help you to score more than 90% in board examination so its up to you that how much you act seriously and regularly in this lockdown.

regular study makes these bundles of books friend rather than a monster
Regular study makes these bundles of books friend rather than a monster

Note:- Those students who thinks they have better plan of timetable or a good schedule they can comment in the comment box .Friends if your timetable  would be good I will upload it and it will help the rest of the students too.


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