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Hello Friends!! Today I am going to share my self-made notes related to map with you regarding Class 6 History chapter 1 :-What,Where , How and When .

As discuss in the previous part of  this chapter I share my precious notes of theory with you and now in this post we are gonna discuss about the map related part present in the chapter.

What ,Where ,How and When

Narmada River 

Narmada River

For living purpose, water is the most vital element a human needs because of which many historians found a lot of evidences related to history of people,about  the civilization of the early people and many things to know about the past .Narmada river also serves as water source to many civilization in the past due to which a lot of traces of past were found.

Map representation of Narmada River
Narmada river on the map

Some information about Narmada River:-

  •  A large portion of Narmada flows in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat because of which Narmada is  known as the life line of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.
  • This river Narmada originates from the small reservoir Narmada Kund  located at Amarkantak which is present in the State Madhya Pradesh.
  • It flows in three states of India :- Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh .
  • Narmada is famous as one of the Seven holy Rivers of India.
  • People of India worship it because it is treated as a divine river according to Hindu mythology .
  • Its length is  1.31 Km ( approx ).
  • Lots of the historical remains were found near the bank of Narmada  river which tells  regarding Hunter and Gatherers livelihood and  their civilization to historians because Narmada river have been the good source of water from the ancient time.

Sulaiman and Kirthar hills

Kirthar hills


Some information about Sulaiman and Kirthar hills :-

  • Sulaiman hills are found in  Zabul ,Kandaahar and Loya Paktia regions of Afghanistan  and in Pakistan they extents to the north part of Balochistan and south-west part of Punjab.
  • Sulaiman hills height extends upto 3,383 meters.
  • Kirthar Mountains are found between the Balochistan and Sindh of Pakistan.
  • Kirthar mountains have a highest peak called Zardak Peak of height 2,260 meters.
  • These hills are also related to the past where civilization traces were present .
  • These places  most specially known or recognize for the places and areas where women and men first began to grow crops such as wheat and Barley about 8000 years ago.
Sulaiman Range
  • The evidences found here also tells that people who lived there also begin the domestication of animals like sheep , goat and cattle and lived in villages  or groups.
Sulaiman and Kirthar hills on the map


Garo hills

Garo hills

Some information related Garo hills :-

  • Garo hills are the part of the Garo- Khasi  range in Meghalaya ,India
  • It is located in one of  the Seven Sisters of India .

Note :- The Seven Sisters of India are :-

  • Arunanchal Pradesh
  • Assam 
  • Manipur 
  • Tripura
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Meghalaya ( Garo hills located here)
  • Garo hills are recognize as one of the wettest places of the world.
  • People who resides in the Garo hills are known as the Garos.
  • There are also many evidences of agriculture were found .
Location of Garo and Vindhyas Hills

Vindhyas Hills

Some information related Vindhyas Hills :-

  • Vindhyas hills is also famous by the name of  Vindhyachal .
  • It runs roughly parallel to Narmada river on the map.
  • Vindhyas  is present in states :- Gujarat , Uttar pradesh , Bihar , Chattisgarh , Madhya Pradesh.
  • It also have a great significance in Hindu mythology and history.
  • In the Hindu mythology it is the southern boundary of the Aryavarta – the territory of the ancient Indo- Aryan people.`
  • This place is famous because in the north of Vindhya  hills the rice was first grown.



Vindhyas range

Indus River

Indus river

Some information related to Indus River :-

  • Indus river is also famous by the name of ” Sindhu River ” .
  • Indus river is one of the longest rivers in Asia.
  • It is the longest river of Pakistan .
  • In India it have its five tributaries which are :- Jhelum , Chenab , Ravi , Satluj , Beas.
  • Indus  had also provided historians a lot of evidences regarding the past.
  • One of the important evidences historians found is that they discover remains of some cites which tells us that about 4700 years ago, some of the earliest cites or first cities were present on the banks of the river Indus and its tributaries” .

map view of indus and its territories


Some information related Ganga River :-

  • Ganga is consider as one of the holy rivers of India according to the Hindu mythology and because of which people worship it.
  • It origins from Gangotri Glacier of the Western Himalayas in the Indian states of Uttarakhand and it meet to sea from  Bay of Bengal.
  • Ganga flows in India and Bangladesh.
  • Ganga’s tributaries at left side are :- Ramganga ,Garra , Gomti ,Ghaghara ,Gandak ,Burhi Gandak, Koshi, Mahananda ,Brahmaputra.
  • Ganga’s tributaries at right side are:- Yamuna, Tons, Son, Punpun, Falguz, Kiul, Karamnasa, Chandan, Ajoy, Damodar, Rupnarayan .
  • Its length is 2,704 Km.

  • Ganga river  also acts as water source for humans from the ancient time, due to which historians gets a lot of remains regarding the people who used to live their.
  • About 2500 years ago the cities developed on the banks of the Ganga and its tributaries.
  • The areas along the rivers to the south of the Ganga was known as Magadha.
  • The Magadha  rulers were powerful in the past because of which they set up a large kingdoms.


Above we have discuss the places which are mention in the chapter 1 and there i have provided some detailed information regarding it so go through it.Now at last there are some key-points of this chapter which are:-


Narmada Valley Hunting and Gathering
Magadha The first big kingdom
Garo hills Early agriculture
Indus and its tributaries The first cities
Ganga valley Cities about 2500 years ago

 Some important dates

8000 years ago Beginning of agriculture
4700 years ago The first cities on Indus
2500 years ago Cities in the Ganga valley , a big kingdom Magadha

So friends both Chapter 1 Theory and Chapter 1 Map are completed. I hope you all will go through my notes which I have provided here. So study well and share to as many people you can so that they could also get benefits of the handmade notes of mine.

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